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Here at Healing Hearts I believe that we have the ability to live in freedom. I consider it a profound privilege to walk along side of you during this process. Only when we understand how adverse life circumstances and trauma affect the brain, the body, and the soul can we begin to understand how to heal from it. Every experience we have in our lives tell us something about ourselves. Traumatic experiences remain stuck in the brain and the body causing negative self beliefs, emotional disturbance and somatic responses in the body. People often find these experiences debilitating and interfering with their day to day functioning and relationships. They can find themselves caught in patterns of thought, behavior and relationship that are self destructive and wounding on the soul level. There is hope!  And you are not alone. I am a certified EMDR Trauma Specialist and I would love to walk along side you as you heal and learn to live your fullest life!

Healing Trauma

Healing from trauma can feel all but possible for those who have experienced the helplessness that traumatic events can cause, even years later. Healing is possible with trauma processing therapies such as EMDR.

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Healing Body, Mind & Soul

Stress and trauma don't only affect our emotions, but our physical selves as well. From sleep disturbances to autoimmune disorders, healing often starts with the body.

Healing Relationships

Relationships, whether with ourselves, others or God are central to who we are as human beings. When any of these relationships are out of sorts, life can feel overwhelming.

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We are looking forward to walking with you on your healing journey. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss the first steps toward healing your heart.

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